Auto Insurance Coverage and Bankruptcy?

Auto Insurance Coverage and Bankruptcy?
Make sure to have full-coverage auto insurance on your vehicle if you can. Full-coverage insurance is more expensive than no-fault insurance but it could ultimately be much more expensive not to have full-coverage insurance. If you get into an auto accident and your policy does not have enough coverage, you might get hit with a large bill.
If this has happened to you, the debt for the auto accident is dischargeable in bankruptcy provided that you did not act intentionally to cause the accident and if you did not kill or injure someone through the intoxicated (drugs or alcohol) use of a motor vehicle.
The above information is a general overview and is not intended to be used as legal advice. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, the best thing to do is call our office at 248-557-3645 and schedule a free consultation so you can receive advice which is tailored to your specific circumstances.
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