Can Military Personnel and Veterans File N-400 Applications On-line?

Can Military Personnel and Veterans File N-400 Applications On-line?

USCIS is now allowing online filing of the N-400 Naturalization Application for military personnel and veterans. Previously, U.S. service members and veterans were filing the paper Form N-400, which is still acceptable. Now they will be able to submit forms electronically, check the status of their case and receive notices from USCIS.

Under special provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), the naturalization application fee is waived for military members and veterans, as are some of the requirements. Furthermore, for biometrics requirements, USCIS may use previously submitted biometrics if available. If U.S. service members are stationed outside the United States, they may submit two properly completed FD-258 fingerprint cards and two passport-style photos taken by the military police or officials with the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. embassy or U.S. consulate.

Currently, individuals can file 10 USCIS forms online: Form AR-11, Alien’s Change of Address Card, Form G-639, Freedom of Information/Privacy Act Request, Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card, Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, Form I-539, Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status (Form I-539 is the first online application filing that uses USCIS’ eProcessing strategy), Form N-336, Request for a Hearing on a Decision in Naturalization Proceedings, Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, Form N-565, Application for Replacement Naturalization/Citizenship Document, Form N-600, Application for Certificate of Citizenship, Form N-600K, Application for Citizenship and Issuance of Certificate.

To file these forms online, individuals must first create a USCIS online account at USCIS still accepts the latest paper version of all forms by mail.

USCIS offers a toll-free military help line, 877-CIS-4MIL (877-247-4645, TTY: 800-877-8339) and e-mail address at

For more information, please contact our office for a free telephone consultation (15 minute) at 248-557-3645.

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