Joumana Kayrouz, famed lawyer, discusses career, life with students

It was with great pleasure that Joumana returned to Wayne State University School of Law on October 16, 2018 to address law students, law faculty, and administration at the Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights.
On DOUBT, referencing motivational speaker Jim Rohn, she told the future lawyers: “ Doubt, Insecurities. That’s like the plague. The worst is self-doubt. We all have self-doubt. We are “not good enough”. We doubt that it will last, we doubt that we will do that well, we doubt that we will make that much. NOT TRUE. Here’s the key: VISUALIZE. DREAM. BECOME A BELIEVER IN WHAT YOUR MAKER CREATED YOU FULLY EQUIPPED TO BE.
On SUCCESS, she stated: “some people thrive in the worst of times and some fail in the best of times. why? Because success does NOT depend on outside circumstances. It does not depend on grades. It does not depend on what your family name is nor on your family fortune. It depends SOLELY on your self-image and work ethic.
On WORKING, and quoting Jim rohn, she states: “Give way more than you expect to receive. Dont work just enough for you get paid. Then your employer has no reason to promote you. Learn to put everything you got into everything you do. The delusion is: “if I have a better job, then I’ll put it on”. That is faulty thinking. It actually works the other way around.
Dont give somebody half a job for a day’s pay. Don’t be busy being busy. Be busy being productive.”
ON NOT THINKING: “Think, Reflect. Not thinking is what is ailing society today. Poor thinking habits keep most people poor. Not poor working habits, poor thinking habits. Even the Bible says, “As you think, so you become.”
ON INDECISION: “If you make wrong decisions, you’ll find out quicker.”
ON TRYING, and again quoting Jim Rohn: So what if it is risky? If you think trying is risky, “wait to get the bill for not trying.”


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