5 Stars

Thank you so much the Process is long but worth it

nate m. Avatar
nate m.

Everything was done in a timely manner, they always kept me well Informed and communication was excellent ... thanks Diane your the best!!!.

Rick A. Avatar
Rick A.

I was very happy and satisfied with the outcome of my car accident case. Attorney Ali and Diane were very helpful and would answer my phone calls and any questions I had regarding my case at all times. I would recommend everybody to this law firm. Thank you Ali and Diane!

Ameen M. Avatar
Ameen M.

I want to thank Joumana Kayrouz and Moni for all their hard work for us. Also, I want to thank Attorney Ali Baghdadi and Attorney Bill Farhat for all of their hard work and effort they did for our case. I was very happy with the service. I recommend them to anyone that needs a lawyer. Best law firm in Michigan!!

Joumana A. Avatar
Joumana A.

Ali Ajrouch and Abdullah Farhat were the PERFECT “Dream Team”! The two together are awesome attorneys. They were professional, patient, and knowledgeable when it came to my case. I couldn’t have asked for better attorneys.
Anything I asked of them was handled with integrity. At trial, the dynamic duo were VICTORIOUS on my case. Thank you so much for all the hard work and hours you two put into my trial.

Artisa C. Avatar
Artisa C.

Nice people here

Travis F. Avatar
Travis F.

Joumana is amazing and very patient, she listens too you and try too understand every point of view her Staff is also wonderful and friendly.

Elana B. Avatar
Elana B.

The law firm is very good law firm. Attorney Ali Ajrouch did a good job. Joumana is very honest person which is an amazing quality . Attorney Abdullah explain everything In detail which we liked. Nour and Tamara were so nice too. This law firm very friendly and welcomeOmg . This law firm is overall amazing and I recommend.

Firas E. Avatar
Firas E.

Awesome attorneys.

April W. Avatar
April W.

Mr micheal Benkstein is a very good or my i say great lawyer and i enjoyed my legal travel with him he needs a raise

David B. Avatar
David B.

Excellent service. Staff are very friendly and helpful as well.

Ali B. Avatar
Ali B.

I want to acknowledge attorney Ali Ajrouch for his professionalism while handling my litigation. His assistant Diane was very nice.

Fatimah A. Avatar
Fatimah A.

Everyone at the firm is extremely helpful and caring! They make the process easy for anyone that has any legal issues.

Mohamed S. Avatar
Mohamed S.

I had to go through joumanas team. I was expecting the lawyers to be like most lawyers in any law furm but was very surprised when my lawyer john S. (Srry cant spell his lastname) Was constantly checking up every 1 to 2 months to make sure i was ok an he wanted to make sure i knew exactly what was going on an everything i needed to know. He even answered a few questions i wasnt thinking about but was glad he told me to help me understand what was going on. Would recommend to anyone needing help. Im adding on to this previous review if u are having custody difficulties or any form of need for custody arangements i would very strongly recamend maria... I just had to do a custody battle through them an she was my lawyer.. She does great work an she makes sure she helps u every step of the way. She went above and beyond for me during my custody battle she is very great at her job and works very hard to make sure u get what your wanting in your case... Would recommend joumanas office to anyone

rob b. Avatar
rob b.

The firm is amazing! Tamara is always there for me when I need her and she’s been helping me throughout this whole case. I appreciate the staff and Moni as well. Thank you.

ali z. Avatar
ali z.

I am completely out of words for the outstanding service that Ali Ajrouch and Abdullah Farhat provided me with! They truly took care of me and resolved my case. They always answer. They make you feel like you aren’t in this alone! The entire Joumana Kayrouz team is phenomenal. From receptionist onward! I’m incredibly grateful! Thank you!- Tyler Rich

Tyler R. Avatar
Tyler R.

Amazing firm !!!!

Jackie j. Avatar
Jackie j.

My attorney Michael Benkstein was very professional and prompt. I received all information on time and his assistant Alyssa was very helpful. The price was phenomenal and beat every quote that I received. I would recommend him to anyone looking for excellent representation.

Cassandra S. Avatar
Cassandra S.

They were very helpful with getting you started. Freda was the best with letting me know the ends and outs of everything. I felt very comfortable with them. I would recommend everyone to them.

Jacquelyn W. Avatar
Jacquelyn W.

It's good office and they are help us to get our rights from the insurance. Thank you for all

Salih D. Avatar
Salih D.

Going into bankruptcy was scary for me but my Attorney Mr.Micheal Benkstein assured me that everything was going to be Ok, he answered all my Questions, I Recommend Mr. Micheal Benkstein for your Bankruptcy Attotney

Unicorn s. Avatar
Unicorn s.

I was really glad to be a client with joumana and ali ajroch..

Albert Q. Avatar
Albert Q.

Joumana and her staff stand above all others. Their dedication and diligence to my case was nothing less than extraordinary. Joumana's poise, knowledge and honesty is pure elegance at its best!!! No other attorney can compete with her. She is relentless in her pursuit to ensure that the rights of everyone are not being violated.I am eternally honored to have been in her presence and i am especially pleased with the $$$$$$$$$$$$.Thank you, Joumana and thanks to your staff. God truly works through you with pure grace. As for my attorney Cliff Neubauer, he fought for me tooth and nail, no matter what situation arose. Thank you Cliff Neubauer. I am eternally thankfull to you, Joumana and her exceptional team.

Beverly O. Avatar
Beverly O.

Great staff

Kalico N. Avatar
Kalico N.

I would highly recommend Attorney Michael and Alyssa they were so helpful thought my case. Alyssa always answered my email and phone calls as soon as possible and was very helpful thought my case. Mr. Michael made my experiment soo much easier than I expected!! Thank you very very much for your assistance and hard work!! I am so happy and thankful I chose this team!! I will definitely Recommend them to my family and friends!!

Mariam J. Avatar
Mariam J.

Everyone that I have spoken with or worked with has been extremely helpful and nice. Joumana is very caring and has such a good heart. Highly recommend!Update: Anyone who has dealt with a lawsuit understands how stressful the process can be. I have had the opportunity to work with many of the staff members of this firm, and they are all truly amazing! Natali at the front desk is ALWAYS so warm and welcoming whether on the phone or in person. Attorneys Bill and Ali have been beyond amazing and truly fight for you any way that they can. Not to mention they answer the million questions I have and never make me feel like I am annoying them. Legal Assistant Cathy always asks how my family is doing and makes me feel like a friend whenever I call. Having to go through this battle is not easy, but I am so happy that I chose to go through the Law Offices of Joumana Kayrouz. They work to get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible. They truly take time to listen to all of your concerns, give sound advice, and fight for your rights!

Shay R. Avatar
Shay R.

Evry things was great the attorney ali ajrouch maded easy for me the staff was really helpfull thank you so much

Leila A. Avatar
Leila A.

Micheal benkstein worked better than expected

Richard K. Avatar
Richard K.

I really appreciate this law firm. Attorney John really listen to me and took the time to explain what is going on my case. Also, Nour was a great help, she always there for me and returned all my calls. She made sure to get all my request done. They both answer all my questions. Reem helped me with getting organized with my doctor appointment and making sure I was getting the best treatment. I appreciate all their hard work and I highly recommend this law firm.

Otoo L. Avatar
Otoo L.

They have a great team and they did a great job with my case . I recommend them for all your cases.

Llexie O. Avatar
Llexie O.
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