New Traffic Law in Michigan!

On February 13, 2019, a new traffic law took effect aimed to protect emergency vehicles on the roadway—and it carries with it a hefty $400 fine! Local sources report that just since January of this year, over a dozen Michigan State Trooper vehicles have been struck while out on patrol, potentially putting officers in harm’s way and even sending some to the hospital. In response, Michigan legislators have passed a new state law, called the revised Emergency Vehicle Caution Law requiring Michigan drivers to slow down to at least ten miles per hour below the posted speed limit and move to a difference lane when passing an authorized vehicle on the roadway. Such authorized vehicles include garbage trucks, utility vehicles, and first responder vehicles as well. Referred to as the #MoveOver law on social media, this new ticketed offense carries with it up to a $400 fine if not properly followed.
In related matters, did you know that hiring an attorney to represent you on a traffic ticket would save you the time of appearing in court for a hearing? If you are merely ticketed with a civil infraction (as opposed to a misdemeanor traffic ticket), the defendant is not required to appear if represented by retained counsel. Civil infractions are not punishable by jailtime, so the court is not required to appoint an attorney to handle such traffic matters. However, many people choose to hire an attorney to deal with pesky traffic tickets so they do not have to take time off work and appear in court themselves. In addition, the benefit of an attorney may save you the points on your driving record civil infractions often carry.
If you have questions about a moving violation or traffic ticket you received on the roadway, don’t delay! Most often courts only give traffic ticket holders 10 days to respond to court to either pay the ticket or request a hearing on the matter. Call The Law Offices of Joumana Kayrouz today and ask to speak to one of our criminal defense attorneys about your traffic matter today!


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