Restitution: what is it and how may it affect the outcome of your criminal case?

Restitution can be significant in a number of types of court cases. In criminal cases, particularly charges involving an underlying crime of theft, restitution often plays an important role of in the successful settlement of your case (if the goal is not to take the case to trial). Restitution often involves the payment of a sum of money to the injured party, and one of the penalties imposed in a criminal conviction may be requiring return of stolen goods to the victim, or payment to the victim for harm caused.
Though restitution and fines are both financial costs that can be imposed on a criminal client as part of a sentencing, the two impositions are not one in the same. Fines are specific penalties that are paid to the court. The purpose of restitution, however, is to repay alleged “victims” for their losses. In other words, restitution is meant to make the injured party whole again.
To be clear, more often than not, money can’t simply solve your problems once you find yourself embroiled in a criminal case. However, if the underlying issue involves something taken from another, and no one was injured in the process, sometimes the court and/or prosecutor will be satisfied if repayment is made to make the victim happy, or whole again. Just this week, criminal attorneys at the Law Offices of Joumana Kayrouz successfully settled a felony case to the client’s satisfaction with a favorable plea offer once full and complete restitution was paid to the alleged victim. 
If you find yourself accused of a theft crime, or have questions or concerns about any other criminal matter, consult with an attorney before speaking to anyone else! Call The Law Offices of Joumana Kayrouz and inquire about a free consultation today!


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