The Public Charge Rule and Naturalization

The Public Charge Rule and Naturalization

The Department of Homeland Security published a new rule on August 14, 2019 regarding the public charge inadmissibility rule. The new rule is set to take affect on October 15, 2019, however, various lawsuits challenging the new rule may delay the implementation of the rule.

The new rule mainly affects applicants for green card applications filed on or after October 15, 2019. Specifically, it affects anyone seeking admission into the united states or adjusting status. As such, it does not apply to applicants filing for naturalization.

However, there are instances where green card holders may be affected. Green card holders can be found inadmissible, and therefore potentially affected by this rule in one of three ways:

1. If they traveled outside the US for more 180 days

2. If they lied on their initial green card application about actually being inadmissible for the public charge rule; or

3. They are deportable for another reason and now wish to adjust status again in immigration court.

These are the only three ways a green card holder may be affected by the new rule. Thus, when applying for naturalization, if any of the three instances do not apply, the new rule will not have any effect.

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