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The holidays are upon us and a common concern we see in family law this time of year is over holiday parenting time.  Parenting time is the time set by court order detailing when each parent gets to spend time with his or her children.  Parenting time includes both “regular” day-to-day parenting time, as well as holiday parenting time (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc.).  Not only does holiday parenting time differ from regular parenting time, it actually takes precedence over regular parenting time in many instances.
Your parenting time order may stand alone as just that – an order regarding parenting time – or it may be incorporated into a judgment of divorce or another type of order (e.g. and order of filiation in a paternity action).
If you’re subject to an order entered by a court that dictates when you see your child or children over the holidays, especially if it’s a new order that you’re still getting used to, you should take the time to read it carefully so that you’re sure you understand what parenting time you have over the holidays.  If you and the other parent disagree regarding what your order says regarding holiday parenting time, you may need assistance from the court and that can take time.  You don’t want to put this off because it can take up to two weeks and in some cases more to get before the court to assist you with understanding what parenting time you have.  It would be a shame to wait on this and end up losing out on holiday parenting time you may otherwise be entitled to.
If you have questions or concerns about your holiday parenting time, put our experience to work for you and give us a call at 866-yourrights or visit us on the web at
Happy Holidays from the family law department with the Law Offices of Joumana Kayrouz!


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