Michigan No-Fault and Covid-19 Attorneys and Insurance – Working From Home

Michigan No-Fault and Covid-19

Attorneys and Insurance – Working From Home

Of all the times to have a serious virus or disease spread through our society, our current technological age may be the best time for it to have occurred.  No doubt both the human and economic costs of the disease are severe, even today, but as a society we have at least some ability to adapt by utilizing our technology.  Correspondence by email, rather than mail.  Settlement conferences by phone and video, rather than in person.  In some cases it is essential to meet face-to-face to accomplish things and in numerous cases hearings, mediations, facilitations and more have been adjourned or cancelled.

But nevertheless, life goes on.  Food still has to be delivered to stores, someone still has to drive to either pickup food or someone else has to deliver food to consumers, and, invariably, accidents still happen.  And for those people who have claims, the insurance industry in Michigan is considered an essential industry, so they are still operating under the same responsibility to make payments on claims as they were before.  This means that if you are injured and still need treatment, if you receive this treatment or assistance at home, or if you would have continued to work and still lost income as a result of injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident, the insurance company is still obligated to make payment on those claims.

Admittedly, there may be a delay in receiving payments as many insurance companies are having staff work from home, attorneys are working remotely, and the inability to send a receive paper mail as frequently and as quickly will no doubt lengthen the process.  Nevertheless, rest assured that this does not abrogate the insurance company from responsibility to make payments for reasonable and necessary treatment related to a motor vehicle accident.

John T. Schroder

Attorney at Law

Law Offices of Joumana Kayrouz, PLLC


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