Michigan Supreme Court Rules During COVID-19 Pandemic

Michigan Supreme Court Rules During COVID-19 Pandemic

As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Michigan’s Supreme Court has issued a number of Orders detailing how Michigan’s trial courts will continue to operate during this unprecedented time. Most importantly, the Michigan Supreme Court has decided to suspend filing deadlines and have limited all courts to only essential functions. While various counties have also enacted their own additional measures, the Supreme Court’s mandates provide some measure of consistency regarding court operations throughout the state.

One of the most important rulings made by the Supreme Court is in respect to the initiation of lawsuits. It has been ordered that:

“For all deadlines applicable to the commencement of all civil and probate case-types, including but not limited to the deadline for the initial filing of a pleading under MCR 2.110 or a motion raising a defense or an objection to an initial pleading under MCR 2.116, and any statutory prerequisites to the filing of such a pleading or motion, any day that falls during the state of emergency declared by the Governor related to COVID-19 is not included for purposes of MCR 1.108(1).”

According to the Supreme Court, the order “is intended to extend all deadlines pertaining to case initiation and the filing of initial responsive pleadings in civil and probate matters during the state of emergency declared by the Governor related to COVID-19.”

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