New Asylum Restrictions Proposed by Trump Administration

New Asylum Restrictions Proposed by Trump Administration

The Trump Administration proposed new asylum rules last week. The proposed rules must go through a comment before being finalized. The department of Justice and Homeland security would be granted additional powers to deny requests for asylum and other related immigration benefits.

Some of the proposed changes include giving power to immigration officers and judges to deny asylum claims based on certain forms of persecution related to gender-based violence, gang threats, and government officials acting outside the scope of their duties. Other changes include expanding the definition of Frivolous application and safe third country. As such, failure to seek asylum protection in a country for which the asylum seeks transits through before arriving in the US may lead to a denial of asylum in the US.

In addition, the changes include altering the definition of persecution to exclude many different types of harm, including any “treatment that the US as unfair, offensive unjust, or even unlawful or unconstitutional.”

These are only some of the changes to the asylum process that will have serious adverse effects on many meritorious claims. Critics have condemned these proposed changes saying that it could, in effect, end the US asylum system.

These proposed rules must go through a 30-day comment period, after which the government must consider the public comments and prepare a final rule. It is highly possible that any final rule will possibly be subject to lawsuits. As such, it may be a while before any changes take effect.

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