The General Immigration Question: How Can I Live in the U.S. Temporarily or Permanently?

We get this question quite a bit. It is the one question where we must ask many questions to be able to answer. In order to immigrate to the U.S., there has to be some legal method that allows you to come to the U.S. Meaning, you have to fit into a category in U.S. Immigration law that specifically states whether your personal situation allows you to apply for a way to come to the U.S. and stay here.
There are lots of ways people can come here. Immigration law defines specifically who can come here and how long they can stay. So, for instance, if you wish to visit, you may be able to come for tourism for 6 months. If you have certain family members that can sponsor you, then you may be eligible to obtain a green card or an immigrant visa. If you are a well-known actor/actress, then you may be able to obtain a temporary visa or a permanent one. If you are a world-renowned physicist, then you may be able to obtain a green card due to your unique stature in your field. If you wish to study in the U.S., then you may be able to acquire a student visa. If you are a STEM major, then you may be able to obtain a temporary work visa. If you fear persecution in your native country, then you may be able to apply for asylum. If you wish to invest your wealth, you may be able to obtain a temporary or permanent residence. And there are many other ways. The question remains: do they apply to your situation?
Although immigration law is complex, there are myriad of ways to obtain either temporary or permanent residence. Some are glaringly obvious. Others are often hidden between the lines. However, it cannot be stressed enough: Each case is different. Thus, it is important to present all the facts to your immigration attorney, and to obtain a complete assessment of your situation. Only then can you make such an important decision such as immigrating to the U.S.
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